Customized Irrigation Maintenance Solutions for
Residential or Commercial Properties

Ensure that Your Lawn is Getting the Drink It Needs to Stay Lush

Green grass is a sign of a healthy lawn, which is only as good as its irrigation system. Is your current Quincy or Liberty, IL system functioning properly? Call Lelands Lawn and Landscaping to schedule an irrigation system checkup in early spring to ensure your grass and plants will remain healthy and hydrated.

Our expert team offers the following seasonal maintenance:

1 | Spring Start-Up: priming the main line, confirming each zone is operating properly, check/adjust irrigation heads, verify timer is set and functioning properly, look for leaks, test the controller, identify any necessary repairs, calibrate the system for run times

2 | Fall Turn Off & Winterization: preparing the system for winter by clearing irrigation heads (via compressor), checking the valves and lines before freezing temperatures, shutting down the system

To ensure that your system continue to run efficiently, we will complete ONGOING MAINTENANCE- checking your system zone by zone and testing the run times as well as coverage areas. We will make adjustments, as needed.

Residential Lawn Irrigation System Installation

Residential Lawn Irrigation System Installation

Lelands Lawn and Landscaping provides in-ground installation services to Quincy or Liberty, IL homeowners. Installing a system will keep your property healthy and hydrated in the hot summer months as well as encourage the growth of strong, green grass and plants.

Our team will visit your property to assess the best system for your yard. We will present you with the best plan for its needs and schedule installation. We can typically schedule the install within the week. Once the in-ground system has been placed, be sure to schedule regular seasonal maintenace to ensure the best performance.

Increase Your Property Value While Watering Your Grass

Besides the convenience and consistency of a lawn irrigation system, installing an in-ground sprinkler system can also increase your home's resale value. Speak with your real estate agent about the value of lawn irrigation!